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Day: March 26, 2017

Tips On Adding Extra Space To A Home

Tips On Adding Extra Space To A Home

For a less costly way to improve the value of your house, you can make a few improvements to any features already available in your house. For example you can paint the walls to make any room seem brighter or you can replace worn carpets with brand new ones. For a room with less windows you can add extra lights. There are affordable chandeliers in various sizes and styles you can add to any room for a classier look. 

Having plenty of storage space is valuable to anyone. Whether you are running out of space in your house or you are moving into a smaller place here are some tips on adding extra space wherever possible.

Ideal Furniture

Now there are many options of different types of furniture and in this case the most important ones are those that have built in storage. These can be beds with attached drawers, coffee tables with lids or bunk beds with tables underneath. You can also add retractable drawers in closets to maximize space while still keeping things within easy reach. Adding an overhead rack in the kitchen creates a place to hang pots and pans leaving more space in the cabinets for other items. For a long term storage plan that will also look good you can install a floor to ceiling bookshelf. This will provide storage for various items such as books, toys, ornaments, or photos.

Adding Storage

If you look carefully there are many places inside your home that can be manipulated into a form of storage. The area under the stairs can often be overlooked, however, if done correctly you can make the best of it by installing shelves and cabinets. For closets add shelves and rods to make more space for clothes, ties, scarves or belts. This can even be done by yourself as it is quite simple. If possible you can even add lofts to any area you wish. Lofts can provide plenty of space for either sleeping or simply as a storage area. Consider replacing normal doors with sliding ones as these will give you extra space that will otherwise be blocked by a door. For a garage door the best option is a rolling door as this will take up minimal space and will leave all walls available for storage units. However you need to keep in mind any repairs needed to keep such features in proper working condition. A roller door may fail to work smoothly if not maintained so invest in regular roller door repairs.

The Organization Keeping an area clean and clutter free could free up lots of space that will otherwise be wasted. So start organizing tables, closets, cabinets and even drawers. You will be surprised by how much space you suddenly seem to have by keeping everything in a proper place. Use wicker baskets for a quick and easy storage option. Wicker baskets keep a room looking organized and come in many sizes. You can even place them on overhead shelves or bookshelves to further maximize space.