Timber Floors – How Are They Created?

Timber Floors – How Are They Created?

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Wooden floors are one of the oldest pieces of technology that are still being frequently used all over the world. Since the dawn of the invention, wooden floors have provided us with comforts and elegance. From king to gunman, everyone used wood based floors in their houses and castles. There are many ways a wooden floor is made, and today we are going to discuss about the types and the methods of creating a wooden floor.
The most basic and the oldest type of buy timber floors melbourne  are the hardwood flooring. A solid hardwood floor mainly comes from planks which were milled from a single piece of log. That timber is usually air dried before sawing and that results in great cuts and great durability.

The timber is usually cut in three ways – rift sawn, quarter sawn and flat sawn. The whole pieces are than usually cut to various dimensions as per design or desire and then packed as unfinished as a site finished installation. These types of wooden floors are really durable – and there are a great amount of houses from centuries ago which still has their original hardwood floating timber floor within them which are still being used every day. The peeled woods are also another popular category of wooden floors because of their designs and slickness. The rotary peeled wooden floors start with boiling the log and then peeling it from outside to the inside, thus creating a wood veneer. This veneer is then pressed really hard to make it straight and then they are designed and finished into the floors to make a lovely looking floating timber floor. The most popular wooden floors nowadays are the engineered wooden floors. In this form, there are two layers of woods – in the upper and thinner layers, there is a relatively expensive wood and in the second layer, there is a moderately durable but cheap wood panel to support everything.

There are also two options usually found in the timber floor showroom   and they are laminate and vinyl wooden floors. Laminate timber floors feature just an image of wood on its surface and the vinyl version is just plastic designed to look like real wood. They may somehow look like real floating timber floor but they are not, not even close. At the end of the day, all of the wooden floors carry the elegance and the charm of wood and timber, so one just need to choose the right type as per his or her desire, floor design, and exfloating-timber-floorpectation.

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